Super Sunday @ The WEX

As a Key Holder at FEVERHEAD, myself and fellow “feverheaders” are so excited about this upcoming Super Sunday @ The Wexner Center for the Arts! Super Sunday is an interdisciplinary studio with local artists and organizations- This Sunday come join all of us from FEVERHEAD while you explore the latest exhibition of Black Mountain College!


Check it out!

Dancers/ Movers: Nicole Garlando, Josh Hines and myself will be facilitating The mo͞ovmənt kôrnər! …….a space for experimenting with body, shape, space, partnership, narrative, imagery and (of course) movement! Participants will be led through dances and scores- directed to build, tear apart, morph and expand imagination. Come dance with us, there is no experience needed. Bring your mind, your voice and your self. Participants are encouraged to be inspired by other mediums and aspects of the exhibition as well, so gather as you go and feel free to bring photos, drawings, text, poetry or thoughts from what you experience along the way.


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