A Super Sunday Indeed.


What a rewarding experience. Super Sunday turned out to be a super success. Josh and I were facilitating movement as a part of this collective interdisciplinary studio space that Feverhead had set up for the Wexner Center for the Arts‘ Black Mountain College Exhibit. We had come with our  movement scores ready and with a mind set of flexibility to be prepared for whatever the afternoon brought. We ended up dropping any preconceived scores and just seamlessly slipping into the vibe of the space. Our fellow Feverhead key holders had set up stations in each of their respective arts and creative outlets, but the space was just begging for collaboration. None of us stayed in “our” space. We cohesively decided to play and explore throughout the entire experience. From the moment people walked through the doors, visited the Black Mountain College exhibit  and made their way up the escalator into our world they were immersed in an environment of experimentation and research. I spent time drawing, drumming, lying, wondering, playing with video, text and alternate realities. It was fantastic, and the more we would play- the more the participants passing through would play with us too. Both young and old were so open and inviting with their creativity and it created such a rich experience for all. I felt very lucky to be a part of this event and thankful that experiences like this are available to our community in such a trying time in our society and world.

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