Kelly received a B.F.A in Dance at The Ohio State University, with a focus in Alternative Medicine/Movement Therapy. She has, since, set roots in Columbus, Ohio as an artist and dancer, where she can be found facilitating modern, ballet and improvisational dance in the community, dancing in local projects and creating new work. She continues into her 3rd year collaborating and dancing in Columbus Moving Co (CMCo). Her attempts to understand and digest the vast form of dance have sent her on international ventures to perform and train in Israel, China, Spain and Denmark; as well as nationally to Earthdance and workshops led by Nancy Stark Smith, KJ Holmes and Karen Nelson. She has trained and performed under the guidance of mentors such as Bebe Miller, Noa Zuk, Abby Zbikowski, Rami Be’er and Susan Van Pelt Petry. Her desire to harmonize holistic health and dance movement have colored her approach to dancing and teaching and put her on the path to bringing improvisation to the forefront as a platform for creating deep, mindful and wholesome experiences for herself and those she teaches. She is thrilled for the future of  Sea<>Bus, a new improvisational dance company that she collaborates and co-directs with Josh Hines in Columbus, with a parallel collective in Seattle directed by Kori Martodam and Jonathan Lily. She is eager to delve further into the physical/intellectual/spiritual practice of dance improvisation in the company of such wonderful movers in the company.