“Sea<>Bus is a cross continental collaboration between dance artist Josh Hines and two Seattle based artists, Kori Martodam and Johnathon Lilly. This project is based off a mutual interest in physical movement as an art form, but also with an emphasis on dance improvisation as performance. The three artists will use their experiences and skills in collaboration to refine different contemporary improvisational dance practices including, but not limited to, group work, solo and partner work, improvisational scores as well as different compositional methods.

The Seattle based artists have an ensemble of four to seven dancer (still to be decided), including themselves, which will meet regularly for rehearsals. Josh Hines will be in Columbus rehearsing regularly with an ensemble of six Columbus based dance artists which will include his-self. These two separate groups will be working on similar, sometimes even identical, improvisational scores and dance exercises. This will create a familiarity between dancers as well as a common movement vocabulary that will allow for better collaboration between all dancers involved, regardless of home city. 

We will be rehearsing one or more times weekly until the month of June, 2017. The Columbus Ensemble will fly to Seattle, WA, in the month of June to perform at three Seattle venues. Our performance will be known as, “Indigo.””      – Josh Hines: Sea<>Bus director, Columbus

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Jonathan Lily & Kori Martodam

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