I am a provider of ongoing classes in the Columbus area and am available for private classes as well…. Contact me or stop in and join me!!

Check my CALENDAR for upcoming classes to pop in on!

My teaching philosophy is centered around the notion of experimentation and curiosity. Participants in my classes are encouraged to ask questions, discuss and dig deeper. I use the tool of improvisation as a means of exploring bodily/mental awareness, mindfulness, composition and artistic agency. Classes tap into contemporary and post modern dance technique but are not always (or usually) formatted in a traditional way with exercises and repertoire as a core focus. We take the principles of modern and contemporary dance- weight, anatomy, quality, polyrhythms, gesture and theme and will create, pull apart, break down, rearrange, and create again. I believe in dance as a holistic practice- engaging all sensations and bodily systems. It’s an opportunity to explore within oneself, but also an opportunity to tap into the safety and uniqueness of community. I am currently teaching all levels- both adults and children and my classes do not require previous technique or experience-just willingness in mind and body.

FEVERHEAD: As a keyholder of this local arts space, I offer improvisation/ movement and modern classes. Classes are scheduled by monthly basis and do not follow a consistent format yet (soon to come). Make sure you check in @ FEVERHEAD or check the Facebook page for upcoming classes and notable events!

All LIFE CENTER FOR INTEGRATIVE WELL BEING: I am a member and part of this unique space. Located in Delaware Ohio, the ALC is a non profit co-op of health practitioners and artists.  Due to the travel involved, I will be offering Improvisation and Contact Improvisation classes only twice a month. We will be setting those dates the month before so stay tuned for more information and check out All Life Center’s website for even more information.

BALLETMET: I will be offering Modern and Modern Composition classes for students as Ballet Met (Ages 14-17)  To find more available classes- check out their website and schedule!

PRIVATE CLASSES: I am free and available to offer one-on-one classes as desired. I can offer classes in Modern, Improvisation, Contact Improvisation and Ballet.